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Leather Skull Cap with Flames.

Leather Skull Cap with Flames
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Solid Genuine Leather Skull Cap with Flames.
Specifications: Solid Genuine Leather Skull Cap with Flames. Solid Genuine Leather Skull Cap with Flames Caps are made of soft solid genuine leather featuring flames on each side with ties and flap on the back of each cap. One size fits most.
Shipping: Ships to Lower 48 USA Only.
Shipping Cost: FREE.
$44.95 $34.95

Difference between a Skull Cap and a Bandanna.

yes, there IS a difference between a Skull Cap and a bandanna. Let me explain:

First of all, bikers (and others) began tying bandanas over their heads for a couple of reasons. First of all, because it ties down the hair, an important detail especially if one's hair is long. It keeps it from getting in your face and eyes, and from getting so tangled the only way to deal with it later is to cut/shave it off - not a pleasant prospect for someone who likes their hair long. In addition, in cool or cold weather, a bandana is a practical head covering for warmth, especially for bikers who choose not to wear helmets. Besides, bandanas do indeed cover up your hair, which is definitely a boon, even if you do wear a helmet, giving you a great way to conceal that awful "helmet hair." Some people can ride all day and have their hair look freshly brushed no matter what travails of helmet or wind they encounter. Not me. I definitely rely on my trusty bandanas/Skull Caps to hide the evidence of a less than cooperative head of hair!

Ok, enter the Skull Cap. This is merely a form-fitting version of the tied bandana. The standard design conforms to the shape of the head more closely, has a flap down the back, and ties to customize the fit and hold it on. It fits better, stays put better and is easier to put on and off than a bandana, which must be folded and formed and doesn't always stay where you want it.

Some people use both, though. I have, mainly for variety and if I can't find a Skull Cap to match my shirt, or whatever. But I greatly prefer a Skull Cap. Now those stretchy polyester numbers googlenut-ga is talking about below are really a somewhat different animal, generally called "skullcaps," though do-rags are also sometimes called skullcaps and vice versa. It gets a little confusing, but sorts out better if you understand that the terms are sort of interchangeable. These headwraps (yet another term) can and do come in a variety of materials, ranging from very thin mesh for summer wear to heavy leather for cold weather, with most being made of lightweight printed or solid cotton fabric.

Also, as this type of headgear has become more popular among bikers and other, along have come numerous makers and sellers, and various variations on the standard Skull Caps have appeared. Some have bills, or visors like baseball caps, some have long tails that cover the whole neck, some come in sizes, some have cooling "crystals," others have velcro closures, still others have ome have fancy names like "Fly-danna" or "Doo Rag", or other creative plays on words. But again, just remember, the bandana came first, then the Skull Cap, and now there are both choices, with a lot of variations.

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