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Solid Genuine Leather Black Motorcycle Grip Covers.

Solid Genuine Leather Black Motorcycle Grip Covers
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Solid Genuine Leather Black Motorcycle Grip Covers.
Specifications: Solid Genuine Leather Black Motorcycle Grip Covers. Solid Genuine Leather Fringe Black Motorcycle Grip Covers.
Shipping: Ships to Lower 48 USA Only.
Shipping Cost: FREE.
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Wall Decor And A Retro Motorcycle Theme - Rec Room.

Looking for ideas to decorate your rec room in a motorcycle theme? Consider one based around retro furnishings. Retro refers to past styles and as a result, tends to have a nostalgic look and feel. The 1950's is a great retro time period to plan your motorcycle theme around.

Colors: Plan the room around retro colors of aqua and red with black and white accents. This will create drama and excitement, along with a retro feel. Include accents in these colors, too.

Seating: Choose from furnishings in leather or faux leather, vinyl and chrome. Provide a sofa and a few chairs for lounging and watching the Sports channel. Include a coffee table to put up your feet or to place snacks.

Games: Plan a space for a game table to play cards. If you have room, include a pool table or ping-pong table.

Bar: No adult rec room feels complete without a bar. Put in a freestanding bar with swivel stools made with vinyl seats and chrome legs.

Accents: Accent your space with retro items. An old-fashioned popcorn maker, coca-cola machine or jukebox will add instant nostalgia. These can get expensive, so budget for them or look for used ones.

Find ways to introduce vintage motorcycle accents. Decorate the walls with tin signs or posters of vintage motorcycles. Showcase old motorcycle helmets on shelves or strategically hang a few leather motorcycle jackets on the wall. Set out a large coffee table book on the history of motorcycles or the history of the Harley Davidson bike.

The best places to find cheap deals on authentic retro items and motorcycle paraphernalia is through Craigslist, yard sales, flea markets and auctions. If you can't find something authentic, you can easily locate brand new items made to look like retro pieces suck as the Wall Decor you will find here on our website.

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