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Ladies Black & Orange Leather Motorcycle Vest, Halter with Fringe.

Ladies Black & Orange Leather Motorcycle Vest, Halter with Fringe.
Specifications: Ladies Black & Orange Leather Halter w/ Fringe.
Shipping: Ships to Lower 48 USA Only.
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Item #: BDCW-SK986-Orange.
$79.95 $54.95

A Guide To Buying a Motorcycle Vest.

A motorcycle vest is not only a matter of style, but a matter of safety too. Choose a motorcycle vest that adds positively to your personality, that offers enough year-round weather protection and that gives physical safety. Whether you want to add to your biker gear style or safety, this simple guide will help you to sort among the best features to select the best biker vest to suit your needs on the road any time of the year.

Characteristics of a Good Motorcycle Vest.

A good motorcycle vest offers adequate ventilation to use during the warmer months, extra padding with reinforced sections for better protection and reflective material to make yourself more visible to other drivers on the road. Still, whatever you find out there, you will have more or less of these characteristics depending on style. Choose a vest that adjusts adequately to your local weather year round and style.

Motorcycle Vest Material.

A classic leather biker motorcycle vest is still one of the best options when it comes to motorcycle gear. It not only offers adequate protection. When choosing a quality, thick leather jacket like cowhide or buffalo hide, it helps to reinforce your body. Still, you will find other motorcycle vests with the same quality that offers a different style like Kevlar with the added advantage of being lighter while still helping you to stay dry under rainy weather.

Finding the Right Size.

To choose the correct motorcycle vest, take into consideration other clothing that you normally wear when riding your bike. You need a biker jacket and vest that can give you the extra room inside for thick clothing during the winter, but not as bulky to make you float inside in the warmer months. Choose a cooling vest with air vents that allow air circulation during the warmer months.

High-Visibility Vests.

High-visibility vests are designed for extra safety on the road. These are vests made with highly reflective material to alert other motorists about your presence on the road. These special hi-viz vests come in two basic designs: Hi-visibility patches are strategically placed around the vest, and full outer shell reflective material is placed around the vest. These vests also incorporate features to make you ride comfortable during the cold and hot months of the year.

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