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Unique and hard to find sterling silver rings.

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What is sterling silver?

Do you love white metals, like platinum or white gold? Then sterling jewelry is an afforable alternative at a small fraction of the cost.
Many rings come in a wide variety of styles. From spinner rings to wedding bands and celtic styles.
Sterling jewelry is harder than gold and will hold up better to everyday wear.
It is beautiful and affordable.
Polishing cloths are an excellant choice for cleaning your jewelry.
When worn continually it often develops a lovely patina. A kind of glow combined with darkened areas.
Some people like this look so they do not polish the jewelry. This is an individual choice.
Many people prefer it over white gold for its white and shiny luster.
Sterling jewelry is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metals which is usually copper. The standard set for sterling silver is that it has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.
Fine silver is 99.9% pure, this is too soft for producing rings, necklaces or other functional objects.
For this reason Sterling is usually mixed (alloyed) with copper to give it strength. This also preserves the beauty of the precious metal.
Other metals can be used in place of the copper. Usually with the intent to improve the properties of the basic sterling jewelry alloy such as reducing casting porosity or increasing resistance to tarnish.
These replacement metals can include platinum, zinc and germanium. Other additives are used as well like silicon or boron. A number of alloys, such as Argentium sterling jewelry, have hit the market in recent years. Formulated to inhibit tarnish, and this has increased competition among the manufacturers. Each who rush to make claims of having the best formulation.
However, no one alloy has delveloped that can replace copper as the industry standard. Attempts to development alloy is a very active area.
There are several things owners can do to prevent build up of dirt and prevent jewelry from becoming tarnished. Store jewelry carefully in a jewelry box or its original packaging.
Clean jewelry with warm water, a mild soap and a soft bristle brush. Use a non-abrasive cloth or soft lint free cloth to polish jewelry and to remove tarnishing.
Do not expose jewelry to harsh chemicals. This will cause damage and discolor the jewelry. Don't wear jewelry when using household or other cleansers. Also try to avoid sweating while wearing jewelry as this will create a grimy buildup.
Try to avoid spraying jewelry with products such as perfume, cosmetics or hair spray. This can tarnish and discolour the jewelry.

What is Bali Jewelry?

The Balinese people, have a very long and illustrious history in jewelry making. Arts and crafts have been a significant part of their culture through out history. Among the artisans is a community of highly skilled silversmiths. While silver smithing is practiced all around the island, there is a concentration of silversmiths in and around Celuk, a village in the south central part of the island.
Bali jewelers use traditional methods to produce their unique style of silver work. The traditions have been handed down from the Southern Chinese and Southeast Asian artisans, and many of the patterns and motifs used today have similar designs. Many families in Bali can trace their silversmith and jeweler roots back to the Majapahit Empire and the invasion of the Javanese in the 16th century. In Bali, metal smiths are known as Pandai, a term that means both smith and clever. In legends in the area, the first goldsmith clans were taught their craft by the gods that were sent to earth to teach humankind civil behavior.
Most jewelry in Bali, while originally gold, is now silver. The silver market is more popular worldwide, and the booming demand for exports dictates the production.
There are both Balinese and Javanese traditions seen in what is known as Bali jewelry. Balinese silversmiths tend to use small spheres of silver arranged in intricate patterns on a silver background. This technique is called granulation, and provides a sharp contrast between the darker background of the natural silver and the highly polished spheres of silver. Javanese silversmiths use fine filigree work on smooth, polished silver background. Most of the Bali jewelry on the market today is a combination of these two traditions.
Bali jewelry is unique in its combinations of silver with other metals and gemstones, in a fashion that is very distinctive. The patterns are intricate and eye catching, and often incorporate other metals such as gold as well as various gemstones. The dark background of the unpolished silver serves to frame the patterns of the polished silver and highlight the gems and other metals used. Recently more woven-type silver and gold jewelry is being produced in Bali, and this has become very popular as an export.
No one knows for sure when the first silver gift was given. Ambassadors from Crete brought silver vases as gifts for Egyptian rulers. The metal's popularity has even influenced customs and languages. A silver spoon has been a symbol of great fortune and privilege for many a century since the Spanish writer Cervantes cleverly stated that not everyone was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The tradition of "silver anniversary" dates back to Germany where it was customary to present a silver wreath to a woman after 25 years of marriage.
Sterling jewelry is the favorite metal for the worlds most creative and innovative designers due to its affordability and malleability, it can be shaped into almost any form you can imagine. A gift of silver is a touching and lasting expression of affection, friendship, celebration, congratulation or thanks and is a special gift indeed.

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