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Blue Ice Lighter Set Flames.

Blue Ice Lighter Set Flames Click to Enlarge
Blue Ice Lighter Set Flames.
Specifications: Blue Ice Lighter Set. Features blue gloss finish with flame design, spring release cigarette case with enclosed cigarette placement holders, and matching lighter. Case measures 3-3/4" x 2-5/8" x 3/4". Lighter measures 1-1/2" x 2-1/4" x 1/2". Gift boxed.
Shipping: Ships to Lower 48 USA Only.
Shipping Cost: FREE.
Item #: BDCWGFLT08.
$44.95 $32.95

A Brief History of Zippo Lighters.

The Zippo name has been around for 75 years. Born in the 1930's, when the economy was at a very low point, many considered it a foolish endeavor. But, Zippo founder, George Blaisdell, talked about it to anyone that would listen and borrowed money from anyone that would lend it. The rest, as they say, is history.

In 2002 Zippo expanded its product line to include a variety of utility-style multi-purpose lighters, known as the Zippo MPL. This was followed in 2005 with the Outdoor Utility Lighter, known as the OUL. These lighters are fueled with butane. In August 2007 Zippo released a new butane lighter called the Zippo BLU.

Besides having gained popularity as ?windproof? lighters, Zippo lighters are able to stay lit in harsh weather, due to the design of the windscreen and adequate rate of fuel delivery. As such, until recently they were highly popular with backpackers and within the military. Professional backpackers (operating in the wilderness) have however now turned away from the regular Zippo lighter in favor of butane lighters, heavy-duty matches, and ferrocerium rods. Many high-altitude and cold weather backpackers still prefer Zippo lighters because butane lighters are less reliable in cold weather.

All the same, Zippo has endured the storm, as collectors have been the route to strong growth. After all, tobacco users could purchase only one or two zippos?each of which carries a lifetime guarantee. Plenty of 1940s-vintage Zippos still appear for fixes at the Zippo shop, which has restored antique zippo lighters retrieved from the bellies of fish and antique zippo lighters pierced by bullets. Collectors, however, often buy many at a time, give them away, and entice their friends to turn into collectors. Many zippo collectors have thousands of lighters in their zippo lighter collection and continue purchasing.

Zippo lighters are believed to have brought a revolution in the world of lighters. Being produced by the renowned Zippo Manufacturing Company, Zippo lighters not only offer guarantees for a lifetime, but also makes sure that it preserves its uniqueness. It not only comes in an assortment of styles but is also crafted in a wide variety of hues. It is truly said that Zippo lighters reflect the personality of the people who choose to flaunt this ?precious? piece. There are too many styles, and whether you are a Mike Tyson fan, or Monroe lover, there?ll be a Zippo for you. Choose the Beetles, Elvis or the Rodeo boys, The Wild West, Che Guevara, rock culture symbols, plain colour ones, glazed finish or matt finish, metallic hues and the classic styles. So what?s your pick going to be?

Zippo products can be custom engraved if desired. Depending on the case, you can choose initials, names or even longer text. The smallest Zippos lend themselves best to initials only while the larger models are great for adding more text. Making it a great personalized gift idea.

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