Black with White Strip and Visor Motorcycle Half Helmet.

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Motorcycle Half Helmet
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Outlaw T68 / T70 / T72 Helmets Sizing Chart (inches):

XSmall - 20 3/4 to 21 1/4
         53 - 54 (CM)
Small - 21 1/2 to 22
         55 - 56 (CM)
Medium - 22 1/4 to 22 7/8
         57 - 58 (CM)
Large - 23 to 23 1/2
         59 - 60 (CM)
XLarge - 24 to 24 1/2
         61 - 62 (CM)
XXLarge - 25 to 25 1/2
         63 - 64 (CM)

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Outlaw Black with White Strip and Visor Motorcycle Half Helmet.

Item Description:
This motorcycle half helmet by Outlaw features a clean, glossy black finish with white strip, drop down smoke visor system, and a quick release retention system.

Glossy Black with white strip.
Injection molded ABS shell.
Built-in drop-down smoke visor.
Easy pull retractable smoke tint visor.
Impact absorbent liner.
Comfort padding throughout.
Removable comfort liner (polystyrene).
Quick-release retention system chin strap.
DOT Approved.

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Item #: LUV5-CW33-Black-White.
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Some Information on Helmets.

Choosing the correct type of motorcycle helmet!

Most sources will tell you to buy the most expensive helmet you can afford. This is true up to a point. Make sure that the helmet is safety approved for your country e.g. DOT. However the main difference between a helmet cost is that of weight. The more expensive one offers similar protection, but with less weight and, perhaps more comfort and, maybe less wind noise.

· Full face and Motorcross helmets protect the facial region as well as the head, in particular the jaw.

· Three quarters, Motorcross and cruiser helmets leave the face area open and thus a pair of goggles is needed to keep dust out of the eyes.

· A Flip up helmet is a full face where the chin guard can be pushed right up exposing the face.

At maximum speeds a fixed, full face helmet is the only option. Beside the obvious protection they offer, they keep icy wind out and prevent flying bugs, bees etc from entering the helmet. When travelling in excess of 100mph, flying insects can only be described mini scud missiles.

One of the major advantages of the flip-up design is for people who wear glasses - a flip up is just a lot easier. It also offers convenience when stopping briefly e.g. for petrol. You can get some fresh air and can communicate without having to take the whole helmet off. (This is important when talking to traffic officers!). The disadvantages are an increase in price, weight and wind noise level. They are also not as watertight during a downpour and the hinges are prone to wear.

A three quarters helmet is usually used when speeds are less than 120kph most of the time. If you ride a dual purpose bike (e.g. BMW GS range) and you ride a lot of trails, you will need a three quarters helmet with goggles. This is because trial riding is very physical and your brain will fry in a closed helmet with the visor down. By contrast, the open helmet will assist with cooling (and are therefore are not suitable for cold weather). Wind noise is highand they should be sold with a year's supply of lip balm and sun screen!

Choose a helmet that offers a variety of ways to ventilate your head and face - you need it on hot, summer days.

It is interesting to note that helmets designed in Europe prefer more solid colours while those designed elsewhere favour more elaborate designs. Often the busy design is not as visible to other road users as a helmet that features solid colour. Most accidents happen when a driver does not see the motorcyclist and a helmet with a solid high-visibility colour is a wise choice.

Is is common to see riders who use a cruiser helmet (generally the Harley crowd) wearing a bandanna over the face to give some measure of protection against insects and sunburn. Most cruiser owners who sport a cruiser helmet on Sundays have a full face helmet as well for the longer rides.

If you own a helmet where your face is exposed you must use sun block during the summer months and for long distances.

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